About Cantina Laredo
Inspired by consumers’ growing taste for more authentic flavors, Cantina Laredo offers a menu that evokes the sophisticated tastes of Mexico City. From the day the first Cantina Laredo opened in 1984, guests have enthusiastically embraced our concept. Critics have praised us as well. An authoritative Dallas magazine named Cantina Laredo one of the 12 best restaurants in the city.

The reviewer noted,

Over the last 37 years we have devoted great effort to product development and process improvements to ensure that we always deliver the highest level of great Mexican food to our guests. Combining the traditional with modern flairs, the menu is unique and includes grilled fish, chicken and steaks complimented by signature sauces such as chipotle-wine with portobello mushrooms or sautéed artichoke hearts and roasted red bell peppers.
Cantina Laredo Today
Cantina Laredo is a division of Consolidated Restaurant Operations (CRO) and is our company’s fastest growing concept. We are opening units throughout the country. The high-end Mexican segment is poised for large growth and we are the leader in this space. As the Ft Myers News-Press noted in a highly positive review,
“Cantina Laredo is to Mexican what P.F. Chang’s is to Chinese.”
There are a number of cultural and demographics factors that are driving the growth of sophisticated, authentic Mexican and Latin cuisine. In the United States, the Hispanic population is expanding substantially, and this demographic event has significantly influenced mainstream dining preferences. Not only are there a growing number of upscale Mexican and Latin restaurants but also grocery stores are devoting increasing shelf space to Latin inspired products that cater to both Anglo and Hispanic markets. A stunning example is that salsa has replaced ketchup as America’s bestselling condiment. Mass media and ease of international travel have also contributed to the fact that American’s tastes are more worldly.

With affordable vacation packages to all parts of the world and the popularity of numerous food and cooking magazines and television shows, our society has embraced the tastes found in authentic ethnic cooking. Cantina Laredo is well positioned to profit from these trends.
Our growth is fueled by consistently excellent food and service that meets the market’s demand for high quality, world-class cuisine.